And that’s a wrap!

Summary of Learning Well this post is written with a lot of mixed feelings. This is not only my final blog assignment for ECI834 but also the finale of my EDL degree. I am thrilled to say the least, but I also know that I will miss the learning that has happened in each and […]

A Journey Worth Taking – Math 6 Course Overview

Course Overview My LMS of choice was a marriage of Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook. They seamlessly work together to provide a relatively simple and powerful way to manage and display course content. These programs were rolled out to us for online learning during Covid-19 and the expectation remains to continue to use them moving […]

Stop, COLLABORATE and Listen

“Indeed, it is possible to conduct successful collaborative learning synchronously or asynchronously, at a distance or face-to-face.” I love this quote from Bates, which basically squashes all excuses that may form about student collaboration. Regardless of the scenario, we have opportunities for students to work with one another to enhance learning. So what is the […]

Looking Pretty – Is it Important?

After our last class I had a few questions dashing through my head. Does making online content look good really matter? How did they do that? How many hours did that take? Why can’t I do that? What is the connection between visual appeal and learning? I, as well as many others, were in awe […]

Feedback – The Secret Weapon

I get a kick out of feedback. It holds the potential to be a secret weapon that helps drive success; however, many view the vulnerability of sharing oneself with others as a scary and potentially dangerous place. I see this daily in my job where providing professional feedback is required to help teachers grow and […]

A closer look at Parlay

I love learning about new tools; however, it can be very frustrating to spend valuable time digging into something new only to find out that its limitations don’t make it a viable option for use. With that in mind, what a great opportunity to dive deeper into one tool and then have the ability to […]

Mathematics 6 Course Profile

Blended Learning Course Profile I am excited for the opportunity to participate in a project that can benefit both myself and my students. As I design a mathematics course I look forward to exploring a variety of educational technology tools and creating an educational experience that is both innovative and applicable to the student’s needs.   Target Audience  My course design is for grade […]

The tale of two halves!

My experience with technology integration has been a bit of a roller coaster and is truly a tale of two halves. The first half of my 17 year career I did not have much tech at my disposal and at the same time I was young and just trying to keep my head above water. […]

Beginning of the End!

My name is Devin Aspinall and I am a teacher/administrator in Estevan SK. I prioritize family and spend as much time with my 3 kids and wife as possible. I also love to be active and although my body doesn’t always agree, participating in competitive basketball, hockey, baseball, and volleyball is something I still love […]